Mental health programs

Residential facilities for adults with mental illness - Establishes standards for mental health programs providing residential treatment and rehabilitation services to adults with mental illness on a 24-hour per day basis.

Mental health centers and clinics - Establishes treatment, staffing and quality assurance standards for mental health centers and clinics seeking approval for insurance reimbursement.

Statutes and rules

Rule 36: Minn. Rules, parts 9520.0500 to 9520.0690 Licensing of Residential Facilities for Adults with Mental Illness.

Rule 29: Minn. Rules, parts 9520.0750 to 9520.0870 Standards for Mental Health Centers and Clinics for Insurance Reimbursement.

License application

Variance in licensing requirements:

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License terms and change of terms:

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Licensing forms:

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Licensed program lists

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Updates and legislative changes


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