Multilingual referral lines

The multilingual referral telephone lines (currently maintained in DHS’ 10 primary non-English languages) are owned by DHS and operated by contracted vendors. Clients with LEP can reach someone who speaks their language (live or voicemail) in order to be referred to the appropriate state or county human services provider. There is no cost to LEP clients to use these lines.

The multilingual referral lines telephone numbers appear on the language block within DHS documents (language block versions No. 2 or No. 3) or they are printed on “stuffers” that accompany other information that state and county human service providers mail to clients. In some cases, DHS documents contain a language block stuffer symbol that indicates to human services providers that the language block stuffer should be given out with the document. See the language block section for more information.

Please note that these lines are not an interpreter service. They exist to help clients with LEP access the appropriate county or state human services provider. When the client calls the multilingual referral line for his or her language, the multilingual referral line representative leaves a message with the appropriate human services provider asking them to contact the client. The county or state human services office must arrange for and provide language assistance to the client as needed when contacting the client.



Phone number


DHS image

(800) 358-0377


DHS image

(888) 486-8377

Khmer (Cambodian)

DHS image

(888) 468-3787


DHS image

(888) 487-8251


DHS image

(888) 234-3798


DHS image

(888) 562-5877

Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian)

DHS image

(888) 234-3785


DHS image

(888) 547-8829


DHS image

(888) 428-3438


DHS image

(888) 554-8759

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